What Our Clients Say

We’re honored to be regularly recommended by clients who trust us with their sales, marketing, and distribution needs.

Relying on their creative genius and expertise in retail marketing, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to rebrand the company and create a new category at retail. The strategy was brilliant, and it worked—leading to more than a decade of retail success. From packaging to web design, advertising to social media, pricing to buyer meetings, Angie and Steve are results-oriented and will positively improve your performance in retail. And, you will enjoy working with them!

Doug Fogg

COO, Sorenson Genomics

I have collaborated with Angie and Steve for a number of years. Angie is a rare professional in that she understands both the sales and marketing sides of consumer products, and Steve’s experience with online sales and digital marketing is a definite plus. As President of National Sales Solutions, a sales and marketing organization, it is imperative I provide my clients with sound marketing expertise. When those opportunities arise, I always call on Retail Smarter.

Rich Siporin

President, National Sales Solutions

Angie and Steve’s cross-functional experience is uniquely invaluable. They understand our brand and what it takes to build it, from website development to social media strategy. They also help us vet potential suppliers and benchmark cost vs. benefit analysis in supply chain and outside services. Truly, Retail Smarter is a can-do multi-disciplinarian team!

Bill Schiffmiller

President & CEO, Akoio

Retail Smarter is an outstanding company, with outstanding service. Our products are well-received by the Latino community, but helping retailers understand the market opportunity was a challenge for us. Retail Smarter provided excellent market research and created a compelling presentation that helped us successfully communicate our vision to retailers.

Dr. Roberto Rey

Founder, Mid Valley Pharmaceuticals

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